Optimising a Landing Page

(2016 - 2019)

Before the launch on Product Hunt, Leave Me Alone asked me to review the landing page for their productivity app and optimise conversions opportunities.


Powered by Squarecat, Leave Me Alone lets you see all of your subscription emails in one place and unsubscribe from them with a single click. And, they don't sell your data to third parties.

1. Make It Extra Clear

Who Are You Talking To?

Leave Me Alone targets anyone with an email address looking to optimise their time spent managing subscriptions.

These people are likely to be impatient, keen on clear messaging and seamless experiences. If, like Leave Me Alone, your product offers to make lives easier, make sure your landing page doesn't send the wrong message by being super complicated.

Don't Burn People's Retinas

Colours are one of the first things people notice on a website. So, even if you're a big fan of vivid colours like me, go easy on them. You don't want to hurt someone's retina with clashing tones.

The order in which elements are displayed on your landing page also matters. So, for Leave Me Alone, we moved some elements around to make sure it was logical for the user.

leave me alone opting out unsubscribe emails optimising landing page

2. Get The Word Out About You

Overnight Buzz Is A Myth

I don't believe in the statement "if the product is good enough, people will know about it". It might be right if you have several Awwwards already or if you've just invented a COVID-19 vaccine. The reason it works is either because they are big fans of yours or because there was a need for it. 

If that's not you, be patient with building your brand awareness. It takes time and it's normal. You're not a bot. Slowly but surely is the rule.

Reach Out Beyond Your Circle
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What Squarecat Says About Me

Tamara helped me improve the user journey and drive more conversions from my landing page. A joy to work with, she is passionate, efficient and determined.

Danielle Johnson, Co-Founder
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