Improving User Engagement

(2016 - 2019)
(2016 - 2019)
(2016 - 2019)

everywoman hired me to improve user engagement on their learning & development membership platform for women in business.


everywoman helps businesses close the gender pay gap by enhancing the potential of female talent.

1. Make Contact

Build A Sophisticated Strategy
User Engagement
User Engagement
Build A Sophisticated Strategy

With +20,000 members worldwide, everywoman needed to build an engaging communication strategy that would work for all their members.

Something that would go beyond a newsletter sent at the last minute every Wednesday.

Automate Your Emails

I started from scratch, designing new email templates, planning webinar invitations and creating take-away emails for the no-shows.

I also built automated onboarding programmes, as well as re-engagement and retention strategies.

The trigger for those programmes was based on simple user data - such as last access to the platform - which allowed me to send different messages depending on a member's situation.

Members Newsletter

email automation programme pardot

Onboarding Email Automation Programme in Pardot

2. Humanise Your Brand

Keep Up With People's Reality
Gender Equality

everywoman has been standing up for equality in business for over 20 years. To continue to be relatable, they asked me to refresh the tone on social media. Something that would make them sound more approachable to real women and men growing their career, not just stakeholders.

Show Your Team Off 

It is hard for people to relate to a faceless business. So, we pushed the team's presence and personality at the forefront of everywoman's messaging. In six months, they gained thousands of followers on social media.

3. Produce Fun Content

Use International Events
International Women's Day
Use International Events

For International Women's Day, I used global news about gender parity to create a social media campaign that could be relatable to members worldwide.

I created the visuals, wrote the copy and a social media toolkit for corporate businesses to build their own campaign.

Produce Your Own Content

For this campaign, I also managed the postproduction of interviews with women and men commenting on the progress for gender parity.

Producing your own content helps you build credibility. So, if you have the technical skills (and expertise), don't hesitate. People will follow.

Clients Social Media Toolkiit

4. Renew Your Imagery

Think Value-Based Imagery
Value-Based Imagery
instagram visual identity branding

5. Stop Compulsive Scrollers

Hardcode Your Captions
Female Role Models

everywoman strongly believes in role models to inspire women's talents. They produce hundreds of interviews each year with senior women in business, the everywoman Ambassadors.

But great content isn't rare online. So, to optimise the potential of views on social media, we did what everyone is doing (and should be doing): hardcoding captions.

It works for a simple reason: people scroll compulsively on social media without really listening to videos. Having hardcoded captions is your best chance to get someone's attention and potentially unmute the video.

6. Jazz Up That Website 

Update Your Interfaces
UX Design

In 2019, everywoman launched SelfMade, a hub for women entrepreneurs.

Having no designers in-house, I took matters in my own hands and redesigned the prototype to improve engagement and encourage sign-ups.

In my prototype, clicking on the bookmark icon opens a login or sign up pop-up window. Visiting certain areas of the site also leads the user to register.

The idea is to have various points of entry for freemium users to start signing up and access more content.

What everywoman Says About Me

Tamara is an incredibly dedicated professional who brings innovation, creativity, and a problem-solving attitude to every situation that she encounters. She has endless energy, passion and drive for every project presented to her and she manages projects with a calm, confident manner. She is supportive, strategic, full of ideas and works at an amazing speed. Tamara’s best attributes, in my mind, are her work ethic and creativity - she gets the job done well but with added flair.

Denise McQuaid, Commercial & Strategy Director

I had the pleasure of working with her on developing our customer engagement strategy, and she was instrumental in delivering a very successful digital customer experience. Her desire to produce positive customer outcomes makes Tamara a real asset on any project: a team player, with everyday positive attitude, she always seeks to define clear objectives and create the right path to deliver success. Always wishing to learn, and curious to understand the latest innovations digital has to offer, Tamara continues to develop her skill set to ensure she is always relevant and always on point to add valuable insight.

Adrian Ricketts, Digital Director
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