Auditing a Website

(2016 - 2019)

LimonX hired me to audit their website, optimise the user journey and conversions before they relaunched their online store.


LimonX is an e-commerce platform where you can buy e-gift cards, vouchers and prepaid card top-ups using cryptocurrencies. 

1. Simplify The Journey

Don't Look Desperate

LimonX targets experienced crypto fans as well as new buyers. So, to make sure inexperienced users easily understand the offer, their experience must be seamless. 

A first UX mistake would be to ask them to subscribe to your newsletter too early. First, they need to understand what you have to offer, consider whether that's something they'd be interested in knowing more about. Then, you can add a newsletter sign-up form further down.

If you're opting for a pop-up form, make sure it doesn't show immediately after the user has landed. Give them some time to get to know you first and consider if they even like you.

Use Social Proof Well

Featuring testimonials adds credibility to your brand, but again, they should not be clickable unless you really want to push the user out of the shopping process. 

If you're working in partnership with big brands, by all means, make sure they're visible. If they're not very famous, you can still show them. But find a way to highlight the service you provided rather than their (unknown) name.

limonx cryptocurrency website audit newsletter sign up

Newsletter Sign Up Form

2. Proofread Your Copy

Find Yourself A Fresh Brain

Proofreading is not an optional step. I repeat, proofreading is essential. Whether you're a native speaker or not, you need a fresh pair of eyes to check what you've done.

3. Write Like A Real Person

Don't Sabotage Yourself

Many established businesses communicate in a very (unnecessary) sophisticated way. They assume, often without realising, that it makes them look more reliable. A bit like when you wear a suit because you think people will treat you more like a grown-up. It doesn't. You look odd. Online, write like a real person talking to another real person. That's how you get people to trust you these days.

Work With UX Writers

Copywriters are cool, but copywriters with UX skills are even better. They get to the point quickly and help users do the same. Not only users have a more pleasant experience but they also have less time to question their purchase and change their mind halfway through. 

What LimonX Says About Me

Not to mention her very professional yet accessible nature, Tamara has deployed a range of extremely useful skills on behalf of our company. It has helped us to better understand our customers' expectations and to offer them our service in a much better way. Her UX/UI design skills coupled with her ability to understand the challenges and objectives of our company have allowed us to greatly improve our conversion rates. I highly recommend her services.

Milan Poyaud, Operations Officer
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